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Course News

Difficult time for golf.

It has been a tough past 7 weeks for us as greens staff as well as all members with relentless non-stop heavy down pours of rain. During this time, we have recorded over 10 inches of rain which has seen the course being closed due to flooded greens and saturated fairways and rough. We have installed 2 drains on the front of the 5th, just off the front right of the green, and on the right of the 14th approach which have help with no standing water building up now. We are doing all we can to keep the course open as much as possible. However, sometimes this means holes being closed or shortened and more restrictions are made as we have to take the utmost consideration of your safety and secondly the course. Thank you for your continued patience.

The club has purchased fairway mats that will be in the pro shop to use. If you still have them from a few years ago, it would be great if you could dust them off and start using them again through these tough conditions until further notice. This will help the course with less divots, plus better for you with the mat teeing the ball up and not sitting on wet uneven saturated ground! 

We have extended further traffic control around the course mainly in the form of post and rope on the approach to the greens. This helps to protect the course and deliver a good playable surface around the perimeter of the greens, thank you for your continued patience. A polite reminder that winter wheels have been introduced, so only winter wheels on the grass please. Non winter wheels and buggies will need to be kept on the path.

Autumn/winter has certainly crept up on us and the trees have been magnificent with their colourful displays. We are working as fast as we can to remove the leaves from the course and will continue to do so until the last leaf has fallen! We do apologise if you are struggling to find your ball in certain areas, as you know leaf removal is seemingly never-ending task that will always cause a few problems at this time of year! Thank you again for your continued patience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Brett Smith
Course Manager