Course Update

course manager report

What a turn around in the weather!

The recent weather patterns have resulted in the weather going from one extreme to the other with warm sunshine to 50mm of rain in five days which resulted in the course closed. But the greens and course has taken it well with standing water only hanging around no more than 24 hours. The only stumbling block has been the bunker which hold the water for a lot longer and going forward we need to look at some drainage solutions. All in all the course is in a healthier position going into the autumn than last year.

The greens have been aerated with 5inch shatter tines twice and the last four weeks and the holes in the woods 3 times this just helps opens up the surface to release gases and relieve compaction. Next to be done is verti-drain the greens with 10inch tines which will be carried out 2 to 3 times over the winter to help water penetrate down to the gravel bed and out through the drainage channels.

As you are a whereby know the works starting to be carried out on the course over the next few weeks are striping and re-turfing the 7th men/ladies tee and 2nd white tee. A fairway 2meter verti-drain with tractor will be arriving on October 15th for a week to punch as deep as possible up to 11inch holes in all of the fairways to try and help relieve the compaction of the fairways to help with drainage and grass-root structure. Please, could you all give way to the tractor as its a slow process and we won’t get as much as possible done over the week before it goes back?

Forthcoming works booked in and ordered are overseeding some of the worn fairways in spring, new tee signs coming in start of next year, seven new bins to be installed with tee signs.

As we go into the next month please lookout and follow any restrictions on the course as the weather starts to dictate the ground conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Brett Smith
Course Manager