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Greenkeeper Report

Rain, rain and more rain.

What weather we’ve had! 2 months of nonstop rain falling in 3 weeks. The course is holding up really well with the greens coping brilliantly. We’ve still a good surface to putt on, but as we know this time of year foot printing starts to happen as the surface gets softer. With all things considered, so far so good.

As an update with course work over the last few weeks, fairways and approaches verti-drain has been completed without a hitch – thank you for your corporation. The turfing of the 2nd white tee and 7th general play tee has been completed, with an added bonus of being able to complete the 10th white tee with turf we had left over! However, we did have an extra turfing job sprung up on the 18th greens with our mower springing a hydraulic. Although this has been repaired, it will take a little time to settle with weather conditions. And due to the repair turf being sourced from the chipping green, one side will be out of action as it will be reseeded.

November will see us introduce further traffic control around the course mainly in the form of post and rope on the approach to the greens. These will be put in place to help protect the course and deliver a good playable surface around the perimeter of the greens. I have tried to keep buggies on the course as much as possible but there is still a few that insist on driving down the middle of the fairway and ignoring paths at the expense of damage to the course. Please stick to the paths as much as possible as the only alternative, is to ensure buggies remain on the paths at all times – and we all know that your ball will end up at the opposite side of the hole when that rule is introduced – so please, help us help you!

Autumn has certainly crept up on us and the trees have been magnificent with the colourful displays! We are working as fast as we can to remove the leaves from the course and will do so until the last leaf has fallen. We apologise if you are struggling to find your ball in certain areas, but leaf removal is a thankless and seemingly never-ending task that will always cause a few problems at this time of year, thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Brett Smith
Course Manager