Wednesday 5th February 2020

It has been a very wet start to 2020. Will our water proofs ever be folded up and put away? We had a very brief dry period at the start of the year which saw the greens staff manage to get a few mowers out on some fine turf areas and a few strips in which made us start to see a golf course again. Also, we managed to get the bunkers back to good playability but unfortunately, we are back to square one so please bear with us. Last week the greens had a feed and we applied a granular moss killer to start killing the moss that has crept in over the last few months. This will be noticeable as blackening areas on the green, which just means it’s attacking the moss and killing it off.

As the 4th drainage was completed before Christmas we moved on to the next drainage project on the 6th green side bunkers. We have installed 100 meters of perforated pipe which starts at the back of the left bunker, straight through the front left bunker and down the approach. We will then be incorporating the right hand bunkers until we reach the buggy path where we have installed 2 meters of galvanised path channels then more pipe in to the woods on the right of the hole. The front right bunker has also been reshaped and had new sand. Our next project will be tree work starting on the paths and moving to the trees on the 3rd, weather permitted with restrictions around that hole.

Please keep all buggies to the paths until further notice. This is not just to protect the course but to keep you safe. We are regularly going around the course repairing buggy tyre damage which is diverting man hours from other jobs!

The post and rope traffic control is working well and once again I would like to ask you to replace all posts taken out to complete your shots.

Thank you for your continued passion and support. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Brett Smith - Course Manager