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Wharton Park - The Top Worcestershire Golf & Country Club

Wharton Park is a spectacular golf and country club located in Bewdley, Worcestershire.  Our fantastic facilities are accessible for everyone across the UK. Whether you are local and looking for a golf club in Worcester, Kidderminster or if you are looking to find somewhere to enjoy a relaxed overnight stay, Wharton Park is the place for you. Our fantastic Bewdley location allows us to not only please with golf but we also provide a greens restaurant offering top quality food. Making Wharton Park one of the hottest places to eat in Worcester.  In addition to this we have space to host events for all occasions, which will allow guests to encapsulate the spectacular view on offer at what we believe is the best West Midlands golf club. Our golf course is incredibly attractive encouraging all handicappers. We have some challenging features throughout our Worcestershire golf course which keep players engrossed throughout their round. With all that in mind we hope you enjoy all our available services here at Wharton Park Golf & Country Club.

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